Are you looking for an ERP application to help you run backend of your business?

Do you have issues with implementing large ERP applications package?

Have you over run your budget to implement ERP applications?

Were you able to get an up and running ERP applications on time?

Have you been able to build the right team for a large complex ERP project?

Were you able to get desired results from your application?


If you have faced serious challenges or don't know how to go about your implementation, you need a guide to help you navigate the rough waters of implementing Oracle E-Business Suite of applications. This book will help you get there with expert advice on Oracle E-Business Suite capabilities and provide guidance to ask the right questions on what, how, who, when all the tasks needs to be done and a path for successful culmination of your endeavor.


Whether you are stakeholder in need of an ERP application to meet complex solution for your backend transaction process from your business application or you are a project manager working on implementing ERP package and want to know best practices for implementation process or you are an implementer looking to identify right role and how to be successful in your next project, this book will help you understand high level features and provide a path for successful implementation for your next endeavor



Typically these days Implementation Guides are nothing more than the missing documentation from vendors listing APIs and switches. Mr. Porwal happily breaks that trend by providing real guidance on how to plan and implement an Oracle E-Business Suite

Brian K Seitz

Former Director of Process,
Global Services, IBM Corp

A Practical Guide to Implement Oracle E-Business Suite” is a rich source of information on understanding and implementing Oracle EBS for a range of business transformation programs. While on one side the book takes the reader on a journey to understand the fine details on various modular features of EBS, on the other side it educates the practitioners on the implementation pedagogy tenets. I feel that book would greatly benefit a wide range of audience from beginners to specialists who want to master the art of implementing Oracle EBS. Having known Anant over the years, I can clearly see the wealth of knowledge he possesses while I enjoyed reading each page of the book  

Amit Sinha

Principal Consultant,
Enterprise Application Services, Infosys

A Practical Guide to Implement Oracle E-Business Suite is a great tool for teams implementing Oracle E-Business Suite or adding new features. The book covers critical aspects of implementation projects and provides great outline of features offered at high level, and this should help planning and executing an implementation project on timely basis. 

Frank Xiong

Group Vice President,
Software Development, Oracle Corp

About the Author

Anant porwal

Anant Porwal has been implementing Oracle E-Business Suite for about two decades and put together his experience in various industries including eCommerce, technology, telecom, manufacturing, consumer, utilities etc in this book to provide guidance on things that will make your next project a success by providing a blueprint for implementation process


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